hello again

Apologies for no entries for a couple of days, work is very tiring so can’t be bothered when I get home. Each day I find a trick that makes this diet easier. It is such a long time between lunch juice and my dinner that I save some juice and have some mid afternoon and again in the evening when hunger pangs set in. Roll on Monday for the ne g weigh in !! 🙂

hooray !!

Today was weigh in day. I am proud to say I have gone from 78.8K (12st 3lb) down to 75.7K (11st 8lb) I am so chuffed, never thinking I would lose much with having a dinner at night and I even had  a foo yeung with beansprouts on Saturday night !

Watch this space for next weeks weigh in 🙂

calamity jane

Just to get away from juice for a bit, I had an argument with Mum’s kitchen cupboard door and punctured my head, about normal for me!!

Yesterday I had an ice cream at a local agricultural show, naughty but nice. On the whole being good. Watched my other half eat a full english in Tesco while I had a smoothie and a coffee 🙂 weigh in tomorrow :0 

Found it more difficult today. The most exciting part was shopping for my fruit andveg in Aldi. Had an Americano in Next as was feeling very hungry . A very testing day as didnt get home til 2pm but enjoyed juice and a cuppa.

Day 1

Day 1 of my juice diet, disastrous start. I took juice to work in travel mugs which are not leakproof, you can guess the rest. I now have a nice beetroot stained car seat !!

My starting weight is 78.8k and I will post my diminishing weight every Monday.

I will succeed !!!  I am still going to have a meal at night but not overdo it and see what happens.

Watch this space !!!